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James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society is desperately low on dry dog food. They prefer food without red dye such as Pedigree or Purina Dog Chow. Any dye free food would be appreciated.

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of the James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society 


If you adopted a dog or cat from us, we'd like to hear from you. The shelter would like to know how your family and pet are getting along. Please send a email with a picture of your pet and we will put it on the website as a success story of the month. Send to:
ddougher@nycap.rr.com or jabmhs@yahoo.com

We are in need of cleaning supplies and paper products. We are most in need of paper towels and cleaning products such as Lysol, Mr. Clean, and Fabuloso. Any donations can be dropped off at the shelter.
The shelter is open from 8-3 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday 8-2 and Tuesday 8-11 & 2-5.
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Does anyone know me?

This Male Lab/Shep mix was found on Gilmantown Rd. in Wells.


This is Santana & Sasha they were both taken from my home in Tribes Hill tonight. Santana is chipped & up to date on her shots. Extremely friendly. If anyone knows of there whereabouts please call me or inbox me @ 518-275-2808.


Her name is GINGER. She is missing from 374 Honeywell Corners Road in Broadalbin. Went missing yesterday afternoon 8/4/14 or the night of 8/3/14. She escaped out a hole in the porch that I did not know was there. She is about 2 yrs. old but very petite. Has a very high pitched meow and is hard of hearing. She can hear if you make a kissing sound or talk in a higher pitched voice. She can hear loud noises. She is skittish but will come to you if you bend down to the ground and rub your fingers together to call her over. Ginger weighs about 5-6 pounds and has a small amount of brown discharge that hardens in the inside corner of her right eye. PLEASE,PLEASE, PLEASE contact me if you see her. My home #883-3360 & my cell is #330-4142 ask for Mary.

Can anyone in the area or if you know anyone in this area please share and repost this. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!!!

We were in Hamilton County New York camping in the Adirondack National Park. We were camping in Moose River Plains primitive campground near the town of Inlet at campsite number 76 on Otter Brooke Road. On Saturday morning July 26 at 8 AM our cat got out of the tent and we could not locate her after a day and a half of looking. We had to leave the campsite to go back home 3 hours south but are not ready to stop our efforts as she may have survived and we don't want her out there suffering. We reported the cat lost with her description to the Ranger on call at the camp area as well as leaving a sign at the entrance gate to Moose River Plain campsite. If you can provide any information on the pet rescue resources for that area please email me back at Drgaudioso@mac.com. Or call 212 729 1450. She is a blue Russian female gray cat that comes to the name Blu. She has gray hair and one green eye and one brown Eye. Thank You.

A. Gaudioso 



Mason is a Male Mix breed who is very friendly and loving. Has lots of energy and loves to play. Mason loves to hike and is great with children.



DSH Male

$50 of my adoption fee is sponsored



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