"A dedicated staff and volunteers, helping to care for the many lost and unwanted dogs and cats in Fulton County".

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All animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law.

Stop Puppy Mills

Please stop saying “ I rescued the puppy from a bad situation”. All you’ve really done is condemn the Mom to a miserable life making more puppies.#showmethemom #bethesolution #ENDpuppymills

Puppy mills are not about the puppy! The puppies get to leave the puppy mill. They get to go for walks, go to the vet if they don't feel well, get treats and love. Puppy mills are about the dogs that make the puppies. THE FORGOTTEN BREEDING DOGS THAT NO ONE THINKS OF WHEN THEY BUY A PUPPY. September is Puppy Mill Awareness Month. Throughout the month, we'll be sharing information that will help educate those who are thinking about adding a puppy to their family. We know that the fastest way to end puppy mills is to educate buyers.... before they buy. So please JOIN US and SHARE our messages on your timeline and in dog groups that you might be part of. Help educate and end puppy mills. #stoppupemills #share #ShareThis

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Welcome to the website of the James A. Brennan Memorial

Humane Society


We are currently in the process of redoing our nursery for kittens in anticipation of the upcoming kitten season and we need your help! Every summer, we get hundreds of calls about stray cats/kittens and we do our best to help as many of these as we can.

We have made an Amazon Wishlist


with needed supplies, or you can donate to this fundraiser to help us out. We understand that these are difficult times for everyone, but anything helps!  

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Mason is almost four months old and he is looking for his new family. He is available for adoption. His adoption fee includes his vaccinations, FeLv/FIV testing, and neuter.



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