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If you adopted a dog or cat from us, we'd like to hear from you. The shelter would like to know how your family and pet are getting along. Please send a email with a picture of your pet and we will put it on the website as a success story of the month. Send to:

jabmhs@yahoo.com or ddougher@nycap.rr.com 



This weekend while we were away the cat got out of the house. He is a indoor cat only and has never been outside. His name is Cash. He is a male cat, neutered and very friendly. He went missing sometime late Saturday night or early Sunday morning on East State St. Ext. Gloversville. Please contact me at any time my number is

844 - 6750 or 661 - 6004. Thank you.



This poor, sweet boy was left tied to our fence in the torrential downpour yesterday morning. His "wonderful" owner was super thoughtful though and left him with a small bag of soaking wet dog food. We are calling this guy Oakley. Someone knows who Oakley once belonged to and we would like to find out who it is. While it is obvious that Oakley is better off finding a new family, it is completely unacceptable that he was left in the condition and manner which he was. If you do not feel comfortable commenting with the persons name you are welcome to private message us or call 518-725-0115.



Augie is a 2 yr. old Male Golden Doodle who is very friendly and good with other animals. However he has special medical needs. His adoption can be waved should the right people come to adopt him.


DSH Male



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