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Dog Spay/Neuter Prices

All Clients - Pitbulls 

(includes rabies, distemper & Advantage)

Clients receiving Gov. Benefits - $1.00
Low Income (HUD income schedule - $140

(includes rabies, distemper & Advantage)

Clients receiving Gov. Benefits - $1.00
Low Income (HUD income schedule - $125






Important Info

Stray dogs need to be held for 6 days to allow time for their owners to claim them. If its owner does not claim a dog they will be available for adoption. We are looking for lifelong responsible homes for these wonderful pets.

Effective January 30, 2020


Dogs 7 months of age & over - $225

Dogs 6 months of age & under - $300

(unless otherwise stated)

This will include spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and 4DX testing.

2020 Rabies Clinics



If you have other pets in your household, bring them along to meet their new companion before adoption.


 If you adopt a puppy from us, here are several good articles to training your new puppy!

They're two great guides on potty training and crate training for puppies:

They're long, but very organized and well-researched.  

Great resource for new pet owners



**** Ages of dogs are estimates unless previous owners inform us as to correct age.****


The freedom ride. Symbolic of so many puppy mill dogs. When you realize the 99 cent hot dog you picked up is the best meal she has had. When you realize that from this day forward the life of being bred and thrown into a cage is over and a new life with a loving family begins. When the pain and suffering is over and the life of vet care and comfort begins. When you realize the love you are giving her now is the most love she has ever gotten. This ride is the true moment that will change everything for this animal. Being a part of this for so many animals is truly amazing and We are super thankful. This is Sprinkles the only one on the books for today but still for this one animal it means the world.


Meet Molly! Molly is an 18 month old Boxer mix. This petite 40 pound lady is being fostered with dogs and cats and is reportedly good with kids too. Molly is spayed, vaccinated, and 4DX tested. This sweet girl will be available for adoption on Friday, so get your applications in now.



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