Cats over 6 months of age - $75

Cats under 6 months of age - $110

(unless otherwise stated)

This will include spaying or neutering, vaccinations, and 4DX testing and FIV Leukemia test.

g JABMHS Cat Neutering

Male cats can be neutered on our site on Mondays and Fridays.

Call 725-0115 for an appointment.

Our onsite fees are as follows;

$50 - neutering

$75 - neutering, and shots (rabies & distemper)

$100 - neutering, shots & Fiv/Felv Tests.

If you want to receive an Adoption Application, email ddougherty64@icloud.com and you will receive a pdf form. Complete the application and email the application to jabmhs@yahoo.com or drop it off at the shelter.


Marvin and Cayenne

If you’ve visited the shelter in the last 5-6 months you’ve probably met Marvin and Cayenne. These two are a bonded pair and we will only consider a home where they can be together, until then they’re living life as office kitties.

We realize that finding them a home might be tough but we know that their people are out there. If you think you might be the right fit here’s what you need to know about this dynamic duo:

Let’s start with Marvin

This handsome guy came to us as a stray at around 8 years old. He’s got tons of personality and loves people and tolerates dogs. He has some kind of chronic upper respiratory issue going on. He’s been seen and treated numerous times by multiple vets with no change. The consensus is that it’s a chronic condition that doesn’t require further medical treatment at this time as it doesn’t impact his overall well-being. This means that Marvin has a few sneezing fits a day during which he get his boogers on anything standing still. It’s not pretty but it’s Marvin. One other thing about this handsome guy, he doesn’t like other kitties.

Unless of course it’s Cayenne

These two met when Cayenne came to the shelter as an older feral kitten. It was love at first sight

Let’s talk about Cayenne. This Ginger beauty is pure eye candy as she doesn’t want any human attention at all. She’s a little over a year old and tolerates dogs but will not allow handling by people. This may change over time or it may never change.

These two were adopted for a few months but were returned because their nightly shenanigans of tearing through the house were too much for their owner. If you have patience and a home with no other cats Marvin and Cayenne are looking for a forever home. They are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and FIV/FeLv tested.





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